How To Buy

The purchasing process tends to follow a similar path for all customers. This page describes the overall purchasing process and implementation life-cycle for our product lines.

1. Requirements fit

Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements and together we will try to ascertain whether or not PoolCar is a solid fit for your requirements.

2. Product demonstration

We'll send a link for our screen sharing software with which we will run through a system demonstration. It takes around 1 hour and you can invite your team to join you. The walk through is interactive and free flowing, meaning you can jump in and ask questions at any time.

3. Formal pricing and quotation

If you would like formal pricing after the demonstration, we will send you through a pricing sheet that takes into account your requirements, fleet size and any other aspects including implementation activities.

4. Decision to proceed

Should you decide to proceed, you would raise a purchase order against the pricing provided and we'll start the contracts. We have a standard contract which doubles as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). If your legal department wishes to review and make changes we will review and consider the proposed amendments.

5. Project kick-off

With contract signed, it is time to formally commence the project. The kick-off meeting is a teleconference with project stakeholders to introduce and review the project goals and objectives using our proven on-boarding process.

6. Implementation phase

Together we will work through the on-boarding process and implementation checklist. Regular review meetings will help keep the project on track as we work towards being ready for your target launch date.

7. Launch

The launch date is where users from your organization start using the system for vehicle bookings. Our support team is on stand by to address any issues that arise.

8. Handover to Support

Once the system has been bedded in, the implementation team will gracefully exit the project and hand over to our support team who will provide help and assistance going forward, as described on our Support page.

Ready to take control of your vehicle utilization?