RFID Car Lock/Unlock

Keyless entry for reserve > tap > drive.

Integrates with PoolCar

Use PoolCar to manage fleet vehicles and bookings and drivers can walk straight to the car without having to collect keys. Now you can run your corporate fleet like a true car-sharing company.


The black-box inside the car combines door lock/unlock, RFID card reader, 3G/4G modem, GPS location tracking and also OBD-II integration to upload engine diagnostics in real time.

Powered by Linux

No proprietary protocols and firmware stacks. The box uses software algorithms developed by the PoolCar team running on top of an open-source Linux computer.

Small, Compact

Roughly the size of two decks of playing cards. Fits nicely under the dash or under the seat. All installations can be performed by your installers or ours.

Remote Operation

From the comfort of your desk, lock or unlock the car remotely from your control panel, push software updates and flash the indicators/lights to show which car the driver has booked.

Works in Garages and Basements

Keyless entry works even where there is no 3G/4G connectivity, such as basements and parking garages.

Test Drive

Go ahead, take ‘er for a spin.

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