Improve utilization and reduce fleet size


PoolCar is a suite of mobility solutions for organizations with shared vehicles who are challenged with low utilization and under pressure to reduce fleet size and budget. Our integrated sharing economy technologies can help you reduce your fleet size by at least 10%, resulting in significant cost savings.


Our technologies have helped customers in 13 countries


Named "Top 10 Most Promising Fleet Solutions" across the entire Asia-Pacific Region

APAC CIO Outlook.jpg
With a more profound insight on the Fleet Management market and its influence in the Asia-Pacific, the editorial team at APAC CIO Outlook has critically evaluated a slew of of Fleet Management service providers and handpicked 10 vendors on the basis of their technical expertise as well as their business understanding prowess. This particular issue of APAC CIO Outlook unveils some of the most promising fleet management solution providers in APAC that have been able to deliver phenomenal results year-after-year by joining forces with their clients.
— APAC CIO Outlook Magazine

Integrated key box


Over 566,338 key movements is testament to five years of R&D and continuous refinement to deliver a low-cost, high value-add electronic key cabinet solution. Prompt drivers for data on Check-In, such as parking location, fuel level and if maintenance is needed. Automatically cancel no show bookings and alert administrators to overdue bookings when keys are not returned on time. Thanks to the integrated pin-hole security camera,  there is no dispute when the speeding ticket arrives! Learn more or watch a video.


..Or go keyless!


After three years of R&D, our in-house designed vehicle keyless entry product is now available for small volume pilot sites. Lock and unlock cars with just a smartphone or RFID/proximity card using the latest IoT techologies. Contact Us to express interest in our pilot program. Learn more..