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Solutions for Corporate Car Sharing

PoolCar is software and technologies to run motor vehicle pools more effectively and efficiently.

Unlock fleet savings

Downsize your fleet by using what you have better. Our award winning software gives you better controls and processes so you can measure and improve utilization.


If you still use paper diaries and Excel for staff to book cars, open up a whole new world of possibilities with PoolCar. The PoolCar Vehicle Booking System centralizes your vehicle pools and standardizes the booking process in a user-friendly way.


What controls do you have in place to ensure that drivers comply with policies and hold a valid licence?


Easily recover fees for vehicle hire, fines and expenses to each driver’s cost center with custom, comprehensive charging rules, journal entries and integration to your General Ledger.

Check In/Out

Align booking times to actual journeys and capture accurate data for tracing back fines and generating accurate usage charges.

Servicing & Maintenance

Do you track vehicle servicing dates on a white board? PoolCar makes your fleet maintenance and scheduled servicing a breeze.

Fleet Management

Streamline fleet administration by capturing and maintaining fleet records in the one place. Give Excel the flick.

Change behaviors

PoolCar is more than just award winning software. It is an agent for driving behavioral and culture change. Delegate responsibility, improve accountability and change attitudes toward fleet.