PoolCar is the intersection of corporate-auto fleets and data analytics, shifting the emphasis away from the vehicle as an asset to the vehicle as a business tool for a mobile workforce.


Our Mission

To learn, develop and refine ways in which technology can better serve the mobility needs of customers with shared vehicle fleets across four pillars of sustainability:

  1. Safety
  2. Environmental
  3. Economic
  4. Productivity

Our Value Proposition

PoolCar is a suite of mobility solutions for organizations with shared vehicles who are challenged with low utilisation and under pressure to reduce fleet size and budget. Our integrated sharing economy technologies can help you reduce your fleet size by at least 10%, resulting in significant cost savings and unparalleled levels of efficiency and sustainability.


It is no surprise the auto-industry is facing disruption, such as driver-less cars, artificial intelligence, connected cars and infrastructure right down to challenging the ownership of vehicles versus outsourced on-demand ride sharing.

The team at PoolCar views the vehicle as just another business tool, like a laptop or a whiteboard. It is a vehicle not in the asset sense but in the sense that it carries people or things from A to B. Our mission reflects this - to harness the latest advances in technology to provide mobility solutions for the mobile workforce.

We invest heavily in research and development (R&D) across cutting edge technologies including Internet of Things, mapping, telematics, electronics, agile software development and associated business models. Many of our R&D experiments are thrown in the bin, others make their way into our fortnightly product release cycles.

Technology for technology's sake is useless unless it fills a need or solves a problem, packaged within a seamless user experience that leads to adoption and uptake. That's why we talk with customers every day to learn what matters to them and how we can improve.

We look forward to being able to help your organization so drop us a line.

What We've Achieved

  • Winner 2013 Victorian iAwards (innovation) for Sustainability
  • Winner 2013 National Australian iAwards for Sustainability
  • Anthill Magazine's "Smart 100" Australian startups in 2013
  • Awarded Top 10 Most Promising Fleet Solutions 2017 across Asia Pacific.
  • Grown from a single founder to a team with customers across 13 countries.
  • In-house R&D of IP for 3 product lines - PoolCar SaaS, KeyMaster and Rolln Keyless Entry.
  • Selected as successful vendor for QFleet intra-agency car sharing trial. QFleet is the Queensland Government's Fleet Management Division that manages over 10,000 vehicles.
  • Selected by a large humanitarian organization with MiX Telematics to trial intra-agency car sharing in five countries across its 20,000 car fleet.

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