Over 5,000 vehicles are managed through the PoolCar platform. Over the years we have assisted customers with implementation across a variety of industries. We make this experience available to you in the following ways.


PoolCar will provide you with a detailed implementation checklist to work through at your own pace. From simple configuration steps such as uploading your logo, to more detailed steps which will probably require internal discussions at your end, such as whether or not to adopt Driver Licence verification.

All of our implementation experience has been channeled in to this checklist and, like our commitment to continuous improvement with our software, the checklist is being refined all the time.

Help articles and support tickets are just a click away, from our Help Center.

Account Manager

For larger implementations we recommend purchasing the services of an Account Manager for the duration of your implementation. Your account manager will schedule weekly or fortnightly conference calls with your project team to work through the checklist and address any issues that come up along the way.

This service is part of our Premium Support offerings – please contact sales for more information.