API Integration

PoolCar can be integrated to your other internal systems via the API.

Full documentation is provided to developers on request. Developers need to obtain a key to authenticate their API calls.

Our APIs are exposed as SOAP web services. JSON can also be accommodated where required.


  • Create booking
  • Update booking

Cost Centres

  • List regos for a given cost centre


  • Add – Adds a new driver record supplying Driver object
  • Delete – Deletes a driver from the Driver Register by supplying a PoolCar Driver ID.
  • Get Driver  – Returns driver details as a Driver object by supplying an poolcar Driver ID.
  • Licence Cancelled – Sets the licence status as Cancelled by supplying a PoolCar Driver ID.
  • Licence Reinstated – Sets the licence status as either ‘OK’ or ‘Not Verified’ (depending if licence verification enabled) by supplying a PoolCar Driver ID.
  • Licence Suspended  – Sets the licence status as Suspended by supplying a PoolCar Driver ID.
  • Licence Verified – Sets a driver licence as being Verified by supplying a poolcar Driver ID
  • Update – Updates a driver record supplying Driver object. Returns OK if successful.


  • Keys Checked In / Out – for integrating with electronic key lockers


  • Create – Creates a user account using a user object
  • Generate New Password – Generates a new password for a user account. Same as reset password
  • LockUserAccount – Lock a user account to prevent them from signing in
  • Update – Update a user account supplying new details as a user object


  • Add – Add a new vehicle supplying a vehicle object
  • Apply Odometer Reading – Apply odomoter reading to a vehicle
  • Change Display Sequence – Change the display sequence or discouragement factor for a vehicle by rego
  • Change Rego – Change a rego for a vehicle. Only singular instance supported
  • Delete – Delete a vehicle from the vehicle register
  • Get Vehicle – For a given rego, returns a vehicle object
  • List CO2 Emissions By Vehicle – Not yet active
  • List Regos – This method returns a list of vehicle non-deleted regos and a descriptor of each. Used primarily for rego field ajax type-ahead
  • UnDelete – UnDeletes a vehicle from the vehicle register
  • Update – Update vehicle details supplying a vehicle object. Only singular instance supported
  • Vehicle Serviced – Not yet active