Step 1. Evaluation

All PoolCar customers start with a Test Drive. This is a fully-functional private account good for 30 days.

After completing the test drive form, an email will be sent to you to activate the account. Once activated, a further email will provide you with your login details.

During the evaluation phase – whilst your test drive account is still operational – we’ll send you emails to assist with the evaluation and answer common questions. Should you have a question that is not already covered, or not already answered in our Help Center, you can reach out to us by logging a support ticket. The Help Center page explains how to do this.

You might also like to contact sales for a formal quote and other materials to help with your project brief.

Step 2. Purchase, Pre-Implementation

So the evaluation has gone well and you’re ready to proceed. Your test drive account will become your production account, so all we need to do is take the test drive account out of free-trial mode. This is easily accomplished from the System Admin panel, where it shows how many days are remaining in your evaluation period.

Following the prompts will enable you to specify a billing period (monthly, quarterly or yearly) and a remittance method (credit card, or invoice for quarterly and yearly options).

We have helped customers with many implementations across a variety of industries. See our implementation page for more information on how we can help you too.

When you are ready to launch, simply log a ticket to purge the system of all test data. We will, of course, retain system settings that you have put in place.

Step 3. Post-Implementation

Once you have ‘gone-live’ with the system, our operational support team take over and assist you as required. We also have a number of premium support offerings and advanced training to help you take full advantage of all the features that PoolCar has to offer.