Servicing & Maintenance

Do you track vehicle servicing dates on a white board? PoolCar makes your fleet maintenance and scheduled servicing a breeze.

Servicing Register

The ‘Servicing Register’ centralizes and coordinates all your maintenance schedules in a clear, easy to read format. Filter by serving status, such as Overdue, Soon and OK.

Automated Reminders

Set and forget. Emails fly around to pool managers reminding them that a car is due for a service.

Other Reminders Too

Set reminders and notifications for other types of maintenance too, such as checking hydraulics on the panel lifter, certify the fire extinguishers or annual road worthiness checks.

Expense Tracking

Easily track and monitor your maintenance and servicing expenses in the ‘Expense Register.’ , Capture scheduled servicing and ad-hoc expenses such as tires, glass and repairs.

Recall Notices

PoolCar simplifies the recall notice workflow, with a status for each incident and who is responsible to undertake remedial actions.

Incidents & Near Misses

Capture from drivers incident reports relating to damage that may render the vehicles unroadworth. Perform an inspection and make the cars unavailable for pool bookings.

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