GPS Tracking & Sensors

Your fleet was born to move. Track it your way.

Plug n Play

PoolCar can supply you with small tracking units that simply plug into the OBD port, typically found under the dashboard. There’s no installation costs and you can move them between vehicles.


Our professional services team can scope and quote integration with your tracking vendor. Most modern tracking devices can be integrated with, or we can scope getting a data feed from the vendor’s tracking platform.

Black Spots

You can define black spot areas with polygon mapping to send alerts when vehicles enter and leave a zone, such as a patient home visit that may post a risk to personal safety.

Car ‘A’ Has Left the Building

Detect when vehicles have (not) left the parking lot. Do staff check out keys and simply return to their desk?

Smartphone Alternative

If in-vehicle devices are not for you, our professional services team can tailor a smartphone tracking app that will upload coordinates in real time.

Sensors Too

If you have special requirements to track sensor readings our professional services team can help. Examples include CO2 gas, vibration, acceleration, temperature to name just a few.

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