Fleet Management

Streamline fleet administration by capturing and maintaining fleet records in the one place. Give Excel the flick.


Are your vital vehicle records stored in Excel and binders on your book shelf? Digitize and manage this information securely in the ‘Vehicle Register.’


If you have certain vehicles which are not bookable, you can still use the Vehicle Register to centralize your record keeping. Simply tick the box for ‘hidden from booking system’.


Track all details relating to how and when the car was purchased, when and how it was disposed of. Even set a ‘sunset’ date so that cars cannot be booked after the intended disposal date.


Track and analyze lease performance to ensure you maximize the benefits of leasing. Monitor the distances travelled to ensure you’re not likely to incur penalties.

Not Just for Cars

All asset classes can be included in the Vehicle Register, such as boats, trailers and heavy plant.


Only nominated system admins have access to the full vehicle register and almost every action is recorded in the audit trail.

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