Check In/Out

Align booking times to actual journeys and capture accurate to-the-minute data.

What Actually Happens

Bookings are reservations or claims and we find there is often a disconnect between reservations and how vehicles are actually used. PoolCar helps you bridge this gap.

Accuracy Lives Here

To-the-minute accuracy is vital for utilization analysis and charge-back for vehicle hire.

Goodbye Log Book

Check In/Out timestamps carry through to the Log Book so you get the real picture of how and why your vehicles are being used.

Check In Prompts

On Check In, you can prompt the driver for business/private use, overnight garaging, odometer readings and if there are any issues with the vehicle.

Check Out Prompts

Boost your safety compliance initiatives by prompting the driver if they hold a valid licence during check out. Should an employee make a false declaration then they might just have some explaining to do.

Kiosk Mode

By using a special logon account, you can have a central kiosk PC handle the check in/out step at the point of key collection.

Test Drive

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