Easily recover fees for vehicle hire, fines and expenses to each driver’s cost center.

Charge Rules

Implement your own charging regime for vehicle hire, including per-hour, maximum daily amounts and excess mileage. Our rules engine lets you be as creative as you like.

Journal Entries

All charges get consolidated into a journal with entry carrying an approval status. Automatic approvals can be turned off near month-end.

Overrides & Abnormals

Edit journal entries to make adjustments for special circumstances before they get posted to the general ledger.

GL & Project Codes

Got hundreds or thousands of GL codes? No problemo. Drivers can belong to a central cost center and assign bookings to individual project codes.

Real-Time Integration

Our professional services team can scope and quote integration of PoolCar with your GL system, be it Oracle, SAP or any accounting system that has integration capabilities.

Export to Excel

If you have simple accounting system requirements, the internal charging report can be exported to Excel.

Test Drive

Go ahead, take ‘er for a spin.

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