If you still use paper diaries and Excel for staff to book cars, open up a whole new world of possibilities with PoolCar. The PoolCar Vehicle Booking System centralizes your vehicle pools and standardizes the booking process in a user-friendly way.


Search for available cars in an easy-to-use calendar format. Search results can be narrowed to particular vehicle types, like a hatch, sedan or wagon. Find vehicles fitted with special options, such as a roll cage or towball.

Share a Ride

Going to the same meeting? PoolCar helps fleet managers with their fleet reduction initiatives by encouraging staff going to the same destination to car pool. You can also make public transport pre-paid cards bookable too.

Pools & Partitions

Departments can get territorial about ‘their cars’. Easily create partitions in your fleet and fluidly move cars in and out of general pools.


Over time booking data accumulates and forms a picture of how, when and why your fleet is being used. Mastering vehicle utilization is the holy grail for an efficient and optimized fleet. The problem is that collecting thousands of booking records from paper diaries or Outlook is time consuming and tedious.


Create your own approval trigger rules to activate an approval process where a booking meets a certain condition. Automated emails do the hard work.


If licence verification is enabled, only verified drives who have signed on to your driver agreement policy can make bookings.

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Go ahead, take ‘er for a spin.

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