PoolCar is beautifully simple software to help you run a more effective and efficient vehicle pool.

How We Build Award Winning Software

The functions and features offered by PoolCar are designed in conjunction with customers all over the world. We actively seek feedback from customers to tell us what features they need to do their jobs better and extract maximum cost savings from their fleet. Feedback comes to us via the ‘feedback icon’ which is on over 10,000 desktop PC’s.

These requests come through to the ‘wish list’ and we look for common themes. The wish list is prioritized and fed into our software development cycle. We are releasing a new version of the software every fortnight. No other vendor can match our rate of innovation, which is part of the reason why we have won awards for the PoolCar Fleet Management software.

How PoolCar is Different

What makes PoolCar different? PoolCar is different from other fleet management software packages because these typically have an asset-focus, with language like acquisition, residual across crowded screens designed by scientists. PoolCar is beautifully simple and easy to use – our focus is that the car is a business tool, a utility. We zoom in on how and why the car is used. Fleet managers don’t buy cars to fill the parking lot, they buy cars to deliver services out in the community. Fleet vehicles have a role to play in business but are expensive to operate. Like any expensive resource, usage must be justified and not wasted. Hence PoolCar helps align fleet size and vehicle composition to operational needs.

If you’re saying halleluiah to the above, then we’d love to welcome you to the PoolCar family. Why not try your very own, private test drive account (free)? Be up and running inside 60 seconds.

Feature Tour

PoolCar can do many, many things and the list of features is growing every week. Here are the key important bits we think you might be interested in 😉