About Us

PoolCar is the intersection of corporate-auto fleets and data analytics, shifting the emphasis away from the vehicle as an asset to the vehicle as a business tool for a mobile workforce.

What we do

PoolCar applies performance management and analytical techniques to the industry of corporate vehicle fleets. Our web application integrates four quadrants of performance management:

  • Business Needs
  • Health & Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Lifecycle Cost Management

Who our products are for

Our product is targeted at fleet managers who need to identify and reduce ‘fat’ in their vehicle fleets. Running a fleet is expensive and stakeholders need to ensure that the size of the fleet is aligned with the operational realities of the community-based services their organization provides. The industry jargon is fleet optimization or fleet utilization.

Customers who purchase our product may have organization-wide fleet responsibility, or responsible for a small departmental fleet.

Our customers typically handle their fleet administration internally, as opposed to outsourcing it to a leasing company.

By using PoolCar, customers can drastically reduce their fleet administration workload and retain vital data with which to analyze utilization and policy compliance.

How PoolCar is different

The current fleet software offerings are locked in to an old mindset of the vehicle is an asset. These offerings use asset-like language, such as acquisition, disposal and depreciation.

At PoolCar we passionately believe that corporate fleet vehicles are a utility, not an asset. Acquiring and disposing of vehicles is a by-product or reaction to operational and economic realities.

‘Fleet managers and CFO’s don’t buy vehicles to fill the parking lot’ – they buy vehicles to execute community based initiatives. Getting staff out there and doing stuff. For a hospital that could be doing patient home visits; for a municipal council that could be doing pavement inspections.

Derived Utility = business needs + vehicle usage patterns


PoolCar is product owned and operated by a privately-owned Australian company, Lingo Systems. PoolCar has no external investment and was developed using the ‘bootstrap’ method. We initially created a minimum viable product and have matured the system by listening to customer feedback, using a variant of the agile methodology. Over 250 enhancements and new features have been added by listening to fleet managers and users across different industries.

We are based in Melbourne and and the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria and provide support across many different time zones.